5 yoga poses to keep heart healthy

Well today, heart problems is a very big issue. Almost 15 people in every 100 have a some kind of heart problem. Yoga is a great way to keep our heart healthy and fit and if you perform yoga on a daily basis you can protect your heart from future problems. Doing yoga practice daily would keep your heart healthy. Further i have explained 5 yoga poses to keep heart healthy.  Read below to understand how yoga can help one to improve his condition of heart.

Below I have mentioned some great yoga poses and some pranayama to keep your heart and body healthy, and i promise if one does these yoga poses daily for at least half an hour a day, he/she will definitely improve their condition of heart.



1. Bhramari Pranayama ( Bumble Bee )


Girl doing yoga in Bhramari Pranayama pose

Bhramari pranayama is named after an Indian bee called Bhramari. This exercise reduces stress and can be practiced anywhere anytime. In this exercise, exhaling produces the same sound like the humming of a bee.

How to do it:-

  • Sit on your Yoga mat.
  • Sit erect with your back and neck straight.
  • Put your thumbs to close your ears and put the rest of your fingers on the eyes.
  • Feel your body and mind.
  • Now inhale deeply and exhale slowly by making a humming sound of a bee.
  • Do five-six rounds of Bhramari pranayama and then feel the aura in your in the body.


This exercise is best to reduce the stress from your mind and keep your heartbeats normal, so next time you feel stressed out find a place and start doing this. It also reduces the stress on your eyes.

2. Udgeeth Pranayama


Udgeeth Pranayama

Udgeeth pranayama is the most simple pranayama on this list. Udgeeth pranayama is the most effective breathing exercise to cure anxiety and stress. This pranayama can be done anytime whenever you feel stressed out.

How to do it:-

Sit down in padmasana or Sukhasana, keep your back straight.
Close your eyes and focus on your breath and fill your lungs with air to their capacity. Hold your breath for two seconds.
Exhale the air from your nostrils making the sound Om from your mouth.
Feel the aura of Om in your body and relax for 5-6 seconds, You can practice this pranayama for 5-6 times.


As I mentioned earlier, this pranayama is best to relax and calm your mind and get those heartbeats to be normal. It cures anxiety and disorder related to sleep. Udgeeth pranayama also reduces hypertension and increases the power of the brain.


1. Child pose


lady doing yoga in balasana

Balasana consists of two Sanskrit words i.e. Bala means child and asana mean pose.

This asana is also known as the child’s pose as it resembles a child doing some activity.

How to do it:-

Kneel down on the floor as such you are resting on your heels.
Now exhale and start bending forward slowly. Place your torso between your thighs.
Keep your forehead flat on the floor and your hands resting forward in a straight line of your knees.
Feel the gravitational pull and feel the stretch on your tailbone.
Breathe normally and hold your body in this position for 30 seconds and then release slowly.


This pose must not be performed by women who are pregnant, people who have knee or back or ankle injury, and who has diarrhea problem should avoid this pose.

2. Bridge pose


pregnant woman doing bridge yoga pose.
On this list, the second pose is bridge pose and in Sanskrit, we call It Setu Bandha Sarvangasana.

When you perform this pose it helps you to get those heartbeats normal.

How to do it:-

Start by lying flat on your back.
Now bend your knees and keep your feet and knees in a straight line.
Put your arms beside your body and your palms facing downward.
Slowly lift your back with the help of your thighs. Make sure your chin should touch your chest without moving your chin.
Press your hands against the ground and try to lift your back a bit higher.
Hold your body in this position for 40-50 seconds. Breathe normally.
The release slowly and come back to normal position.


This pose must not be performed by people who have a neck injury, back injury or pain, knee, shoulder injury. Women who are pregnant should consult a doctor before performing this pose.

3. Forward bend pose


lady doing forward bend pose

This pose is known as Hastapadasana in Sanskrit and it is consists of three Sanskrit words i.e. hasta, pada, and asana. Here hasta means hand, pada means legs and asana means pose.

How to do it:-

Stand straight with your feet together and your arms alongside your body.
Breathe deeply and take your arms over your head.
Now exhale slowly and start bending downward, try to place your arms next to your feet if you are not flexible enough then do it according to your body.
Breathe normally and hold your body in this position for five to six seconds.
After this come back to the normal position by inhaling.


People who have back, neck, shoulder or knee injury should also avoid this asana. Women who are pregnant also avoid this pose.

Hence, by following the 5 yoga poses to keep heart healthy  article, one can really find the difference in body and his heart will remain healthy.

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