Solara Unbreakable Resistance Bands – Reviews

Solara Unbreakable Resistance Bands, a brand from Solara, a USA based brand, a highly reputed name in the Home, Kitchen And fitness industry. Solara India is one of their root branches based in Hyderabad, India. Who focus to manufacture convenient, and premium quality living products for the Indian market. And distribute them directly to their valued customers at an affordable price, no more space for middlemen.

Here we introduce Solara Unbreakable Resistance Bands, a top-selling and highest rating resistance bands on Amazon. Effective, efficient and premium quality fitness bands to perform full-body workouts anytime, anywhere. Want to achieve your fitness goal without going to the gym? Then must check This versatile and unbreakable resistance band from SOLARA.

Solara Unbreakable Resistance Bands

It is one of the best and versatile resistance bands set in the Indian market. Which comes with an 11 piece band set and other additional tools.

Any man or woman can pursue this Solara unbreakable resistance bands for an everyday workout. Don’t need to go to the gym, with Solara resistance bands make your own home gym for an effective full-body workout. Because the company already gives all necessary tools with this band. Most importantly, the price is budget-friendly so that anyone can buy easily.

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What You Get:-

  • 11 piece resistance bands set
  • 5 different color Tube resistance bands
  • 2 Ankle straps
  • 2 cloud feeling foam handles
  • 1 safety door anchor
  • 20+ video added Ebook
  • 1 portable bag 2-year warranty


Products Specifications: –

5 Different Colors of Solara Unbreakable Resistance Bands

First, you get 5 different color bands – blue, green, black, yellow and red. All these bands stretch from different levels of force, based on your muscles strength.

Like blue needs, the lowest 15 LBS or 6 kg of force and red one needs the highest 30 LBS or 13 kg of force to stretch.

As a result, you get different combinations of bands to improve your strength at different levels. So you can consider these bands as the best for beginners to intermediate and professional also.

Ankle straps

Solara resistance bands include 2 ankles straps in their product. These are adjustable straps that fit easily in different size legs.

That’s how you can perform leg exercise very easily anywhere. Just fit the anchor with the door and set the straps in your legs, now kickback to provide stress on your leg muscles. These straps make lower body exercise very convenient and hustle free.

Most importantly, these straps are made from cotton material that stretches while you kick back your legs. So that you don’t feel any pain, irritation or unwanted blood flow in your leg muscles.


Soft Foam Handles

These band sets also provide additional 2 soft, cloud feeling foam handles. Which are made from strong and durable soft foam by following industrial strength.

This type of construction makes these handles very convenient for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. It is extra-long foam handles that provide a firm grip for both small and large hands.

Moreover, you can easily attach these handles with any skatable fitness bands. So no matter how long you hold the handles and exercise, it doesn’t hurt or feel pain in your palms.


Door Anchor

As I mentioned 1 safety anchor is compulsory with Solara resistance band set. These are small, flexible and durable belts, made from a strong plastic core and high-quality foam on the outside ring.

It helps to turn your door into a small gym set up, where you perform resistance training easily with these bands.

Just anchoring the band with door handles, its flexibility and strong internal components don’t slip while you exercise.

Workout E-book Guide 

You also get 1 E-book guide with 20+ training videos added. Where professionals give you tips to make your training sessions productive and effective. Moreover, the Solara brand also provides a 2 years warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and value for money.

So in short all necessary tools and help you get from this Solara resistance band. Which makes your fitness goal more convenient and hustle free. Lastly, you also get a portable carry bag to secure your bands.

Benefits You Get:-


Tube Resistance Bands 

This is a tube resistance band from Solara. And did you know that tube bands provide more constructed pressure on muscles than loop bands?

More effective for better muscle building, strength, fat burning and toning. So are you a beginner or professional trainer?

Doesn’t matter. Because these tube bands give you superior and premium quality workout sessions without going to the gym.

Extra Long and Stretchable

Solara resistance bands are 50 inches in length that are much more lengthy than loop bands (40-41). And long bands are good for toning your upper and lower body muscles. Which gives the perfect shape of your body and makes your muscles more flexible.


Hypoallergenic and Durable Material

Solara resistance bands are made from skin-friendly latex material. Which does not irritate or harm your skin while you exercise with these bands. Moreover, Solara bands are also made from other high-quality components that provide flexibility and durability for a longer run. It is lightweight and flexible enough to provide constant resistance to your muscles.


Max 100 LBS weight capacity

If you are a professional trainer then try all these bands together for extreme resistance in your muscles. Maximum 100 LBS or 45 kg force gives you quite similar strength training experience instead of weights. Moreover, you don’t go to the gym or don’t need to buy any equipment. These budget-friendly bands are more than enough to get a proper workout session. Lastly, each band takes 15-25% additional force capacity than we mentioned previously.


Perform Full Body Workouts

Resistance bands are versatile fitness tools for bodybuilders and workout freaks. No matter which muscles or part of your body you want to improve, these bands are always ready to run. Perform different upper body workouts like biceps curl, push-ups, abs workouts etc. Perform lower body exercise like leg kickback, squats etc. So guess what, the band’s flexibility and force capability make your workout session more effective than you think.

Still, confused about buying? Check short points of Solara Unbreakable resistance Bands

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Full-body workouts without weights
  • Your pocket Gym Bands
  • Gain Weight Or lose fat
  • Versatile and durable
  • Best for beginners to pro
  • Super soft exercise experience
  • Value for money

Achieve Your Fitness Goal with Solara Unbreakable Resistance Bands


Burn Excess Fat

Want to lose your excess belly fat without going to the gym? Try these bands. Follow a healthy diet and start exercising at least 20-3 minutes per day. Some best fitness bands exercise is overhead press, biceps curl, band pull up etc. These bands put stress on your muscles to burn more calories.


Gain Weight 

Standing squats, tricep kickback, biceps curl etc are some best exercises with bands to gain weight. Perform more exercise with these bands. It gives tension to muscles to rebuild new muscle synthesis for effective weight gain.


Improve Your Joints

Resistance bands are well known to provide constant resistance and toning in your muscles. Which helps to improve pain, stability and strength in your joints. Reverse fly, lateral raise, front raise etc are some best exercises to improve your joint health.


So I hope now you are very much confident about these Solara unbreakable resistance bands. If you have any additional quarries contact their 24/7 customer care support. No workout lover wants to lose a top-rated and best selling fitness tool that makes their performance effective and efficient. If so then must check their site and product.

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Truely speaking .. i like this brand .. its amazing !!!

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