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What is a Home gym machine?

A  home gym machine is the combination of various gym machines into a single multi-functional unit. So, why to go to a gym if you own a home gym set. So, in this article we will cover home gym at best price in India 2020. Whether to build the strength, to tone your body as well as increasing your chest size, this multi-functional machine lets you do all. But what if you don’t have time to go to gym on regular basis? Here comes the best time saving and great solution – Home Gym Machine

So, This is basically a review article of all in one gym machine product where i will suggest best home gym machine which you need for exercise in home.

Even, you don’t need to buy different exercise tools separately, as it allows you to do many exercises for the whole body in a single machine. Some of the basic exercises you can do on a home gym machine include chest press, lat pull-down, lateral raises, bicep curl, tricep pushdowns, leg extensions, and much more. You can also set up gym at your home by buying different gym machines and combining them. This will work as a full fledged gym which will of course be inside your home and this combination could be best home gym equipment India. We also provide best resistance bands from very popular brands like Solara.

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What does Multi Home Gym include ?

Well, a home multi gym comes with the following attachments to perform various workouts.

  • Stacked metal weights with pin selection for load
  • Adjustable bench for sitting and reclining for multi home gym.
  • Pull down bars for the lat pull-down back exercise
  • Press bars for pressing and pulling back, shoulders, and arms at the multi home gym.
  • Seated cable row system for arms and back exercise
  • Leg extension system for quadriceps muscles of the thigh
  • Leg curl system of multi home gym for exercising the hamstrings at the back of the thigh
  • Bicep curl system to target your biceps
  • You can also do a variety of cable and isolation exercises, including triceps extensions, calf raises, high pulls, abs cable crunches, bicep curls, and wrist curls, etc.

What is the Best All in One Home Gym Set?

That depends on your goals.

Everyday Fitness

If you are just looking to get into shape and shed a few pounds, but you do not have a huge budget or a lot of space for a full home gym set, I’d say the Total Gym XLS may be the best home gym machine for you.

Moderate weight, Moderate Investment

If you want to lift a decent amount of weight and build a little muscle, for under 500 dollars, you can invest in a weight stack style all in one home gym like the Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym Machine which comes with a leg massager and low pulley to get a good leg workout, along with strengthening back, arms and chest.

Weightlifting and Muscle Building All in One Home Gym Machine

If you really want to build muscle, look for an all in one home gym machine that allows you to lift heavy weight from home, safely.

Two of the best options to lift heavy weight at home, safely are the Body Fit Home gym set kit or the Kore Home Gym Dumbbell Kit which both allow you lift really heavy weight and have safety spotter features so it is safe to lift alone.

What is the Best Full-body Workout Machine?

If you are looking for one machine that truly works all the muscles in your body, then you must checkout this home gym machine on Amazon does it all and is one of the best multi gym machine.

  • Arms – This  multi gym machine has a bench and barbell, encased in a smith machine, so you can safely build your arms.
  • Legs – It comes with a foot massager and low pulley, plus a squat station to really get a good leg workout.
  • Back – It has an overhead lat pull down bar, landmine attachment and a pull up bar to build a strong back.
  • Chest and abs – The cable crossover will help you work on the chest and the included bench declines, allowing you to get and excellent ab workout.

Plus, this home gym machine comes with countless accessories and attachments to fully and completely work every area of your body from all angles.

Benefits of All in One Home Gym Machine vs Individual Home gym Equipment?

Space and cost are two benefits all in one gyms have over individual equipment. People normally see home gym price when setting up in their home but they do not know that these are one time costs and once home gym installation is completed then you are free to exercise much. You can often get an all in one trainer for less than you would spend purchasing multiple pieces of equipment.

Also, a home gym set may take up less space than a collection of individual equipment.


One of the biggest benefits of all in one home gym equipment is that they offer predefined exercises for you to follow.

The best full body workout machines include pictures, workout charts with pictures, and workout videos designed by personal trainers, to guide you through a workout, taking the guesswork out of getting a good workout. The multi gym machine usually contains all gym equipment including dumbbell set, exercise cycle and all necessary gym equipment required for morning exercise.

Buy Home Gym at best price in India 2020

We promote brands range like ProtonerPower Max, Sporto Fitness etc. that are made for your needs, desires and preferences. Find the one that fits your wallet, from anywhere between Rs. 2500 and Above, Rs. 500 – Rs. 999, Rs. 1000 – Rs. 1499, Rs. 1500 – Rs. 1999, Rs. 2000 – Rs. 2499 rupees. Reading below you will get a pretty well idea of what gym equipment you should should take for your gym at your home and what are the budget things in setting up home gym at best price in India 2020.

The product line of more than 1,000+ products that sums up all your requirements, needs, preferences. Choose from the products like Protoner Rubberised Weight Lifting Package 20 Kgs & 3″ Curl Rod, Protoner Rubberised 25 Kg Set Gloves Grippers Dumbells Rods 3 Ft Ez Bar (20-29 kg), Body Maxx 25 Kg Set Gloves Grippers Dumbells Rods 3 Ft Ez Bar, Body Maxx Premium 22 Kg + 2 Pcs Dumbells Rod’s + 3 Feet Curl Bar +Glove, Body Maxx 26 Kg Weight Lifting Package & 3 Ft Bar & Dumbbells Rods & Gifts that score high on the popularity charts.

List of Best Home Gym Equipment India

Best Home Gym Equipment IndiaPrice
SAIPRO Wall mounting chin up bar for home gym machineRs. 1299
Varniraj Vibration Plate Exercise Fitness Machine, Portable, With Arm Straps And RemoteRs. 12999
Orchid Physio Spiky Ball -Blue (home gym equipment)Rs. 1290
Protoner 6 Kg With 3 Feet Curl Rod Package For home gym setRs. 879
KARRFIT Power Tower home gym machineRs. 12500
Reach AB-110 Air Bike Exercise CycleRs. 6,999
Powermax Fitness TreadmillRs. 18,300
Weight Lifting Rods for home gym at best price in India 2020.Rs. 2999
Protoner 50 Kgs PVC Weight With 5 In 1 Bench PackageRs. 7569
Protoner 22 Kgs PVC Weight With 6 In 1 Bench Package for multi gymRs. 4769
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