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Upright Exercise Cycle for Home

Upright exercise bikes are like a standard road bike, where the pedals are below your center of gravity and you can lean over the handlebars. They make use of a manual resistance machine in it to make the workout comfortable. The user can adjust the resistance for the upright exercise bike.

Sale Powermax Fitness BU-200 Exercise Bike

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Recumbent Exercise Cycle for Home

recumbent bicycle is a bicycle that places the rider in a laid-back reclining position. Most recumbent riders choose this type of design for ergonomic reasons: the rider’s weight is distributed comfortably over a larger area, supported by back and buttocks. On a traditional upright bicycle, the body weight rests entirely on a small portion of the sitting bones, the feet, and the hands.

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Air Bike Exercise Cycle for Home

An air bike has handles that move with your peddaling action, so you get a full upper body workout as you work your legs. An air bike uses wind resistance via a large fan – so the harder you work, the more resistance you feel. It’s very linear and simple to use!

Sale Kamachi Air Bike - 350 with Dual Action Handles

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Sale KAMACHI Air Bike-313 Exercise Cycle with Dual Action Handles and Water Bottle

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Sale IRIS Fitness Body Gym Deluxe Platinum Bike

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Sale DOLPHY Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Exercise Spin Bike, Red & Black

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Spin Bike Exercise Cycle for Home

 spin bike is a stationary bike found mostly in gyms and training centers. Its best exercise cycle for home. They make use of a wheel for creating a resistance. Most hour-long training sessions allow you to burn around 750–1,000 calories based on your weight, age, fitness level, and gender.

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Sale LEEWAY National Bodyline Spin Bike NB-S5 Exercise Fitness for Home Gym- 13 kg

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Sale DOLPHY Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Exercise Spin Bike, Red & Black

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Buy Exercise Cycle Online

Get Fit with the best exercise cycle for home

In today’s era of digital enchantment, it is very easy to forget about our physical well-being and indulge in secondary entertainment. Companies rake in money trying to offer luxuries at our doorstep and we opt to stay indoors often. Video games on phones or desktops, extended television viewing or, internet surfing are the main culprits.

While all these benefits of technology have made our lives easier, they have harmed our health and brought in an entire range of lifestyle diseases in the youth. The nominal range of workout products on Gymfreek is a wonderful way to explore start exercising at the convenience of your home and a exercise cycle for home would be the first choice for everyone. Along with a treadmill at home, this is all the equipment you need for a nice cardio exercise.

Hectic schedules and demanding jobs rule our daily routine which leaves very little to no time for a dedicated exercise routine. But if you have a exercise cycle for home, unlimited options for eateries and odd working hours leave us with temptations to binge on junk food more often than we should. A moment to reflect on this behaviour reveals the perils of such lifestyle in the long run. It is time to get take charge of our health and get into shape for an active lifestyle.

Exercise Cycle Machine Price In India 2020



Latest Exercise Cycle for home

Gym Cycle Price

1Kobo Exercise cycle for homeRs. 5,999
2Reach Air Bike Exercise CycleRs. 7,499
3Healthex Unisex Exercise BikeRs. 8,999
4Healthex Gym Cycle Air Bike for weight lossRs. 8,499
5Kobo Air Bike Silver Exercise Cycle With Back Rest Dual Action And Electronic MeterRs. 8,999
6Bodygym Air Bike 1001 With BackRs. 6,700
7Cosco Trim 232 D Magnetic Upright Exercise BikeRs. 12,000
8Body Gym Air Bike 1001Rs. 6,100
9Kamachi Air bike-313 Exercise cycle for homeRs. 10,999
10FIT24 FITNESS Imported Exercise Magnetic Upright BikeRs. 9,999

How to maintain fitness with the gym cycle

Gone are the days when the entire family stepped out every evening for a stroll around the park. Or, the times when friends just took a walk around the block to catch a cup of coffee. We mostly end up indoors or at restaurants to enjoy food and beverages while staying glued to one screen or the other.

The exercise bike was the traditional way to work out that we all grew up with and it is still a great way to stay fit. However, given the restricted spaces that our residences offer, overwhelming traffic and polluted outdoors, it is usually the last preference for everyone now. Crash diets or extreme workouts have rarely helped anyone. Those who have been trying to lose weight would know that these temporary measures only do more harm than good. These diets induce sudden weight loss which targets only fluid loss in the body and can be dangerous if done for prolonged durations. This way an occasional binge with family or friends can do no harm. In this case exercise cycle for home would be a perfect choice. Move your cursor up the bar to view some of best exercise cycle.


To get fit is an easy task. But to stay fit is what demands discipline and change in lifestyle. For those who are already overweight and struggling to get into shape or, those who need to build stamina and gain muscle mass, a planned approach is needed. A simple but regular exercise regime with the help of fitness equipment and change of eating habits can do a lot to improve your overall health.


Bicycle exercise your way to fitness:

The ideal way to healthy living is, by seeing what you eat. However, that would also mean hindering your socializing or cooking your own meals with counted calories. Living a life with such extreme restrictions can eventually become suffocating. Hence, it is always advisable, even medically, to balance proper nutrition with moderate exercise. Stationary bike at home is a convenient way to tackle this aspect. Easy to use and even easier to maintain, these come with various settings to suit your fitness level and stamina.

To get started, you can squeeze in a few minutes of cycling into your busy schedule, either in front of your television or while listening to your favourite songs. Couple this with an elliptical trainer, and exercise cycle for home and all you need to get your muscles going are present right at home.

Gym cycle price varies with depending on its features and if it offers full body workout or if it focuses on only the lower body. Many variations in these have been designed which give a wholesome workout for your complete body without needing any expert guidance. You can burn way more calories on these bikes in your half an hour workout than you can during your brisk walk around the cluttered park.

The gym cycle – A Family Fitness Partner

Cycling machine offers wholesome exercise to the body and doesn’t need much learning. This makes it ideal workout equipment for the whole family. Most of the bikes have features for the elevation of the seat levels as well as the handle, which makes it ideal for the whole family to use. The minimal space that it requires makes it a favourite for those who already have a space crunch at home but still need a home gym

While outdoor picnics and treks used to be the traditional way of spending quality time together, now owing to lack of time, most families skip such activities. Exercise Cycle for home offered with Gymfreek is irresistibly good and a fantastic way to bond with your family over a workout time.

Almost all the bikes nowadays can support up to 100 kilograms of weight. Most of them also come with a display on the front that keeps you informed always on your health statistics, a feature that is of use to the young and the elderly alike. Also, you can also run with dumbbells to get that extra bit into your routine.

A gym cycling machine is what you need

Careful research and smart selection after comparing cycling machine price fetch you much higher returns in the long run by investing in the ergonomically designed machines. If you don’t agree with that, reflect on this: Have you tried your hand at exercise cycle earlier and had aches and pains? Did your knee hurt or back start aching? These are clear indications of working out with low-quality equipment which can cause long-term harm to your precious body.

The exercise cycle price list showcases various categories which include upright posture ones and those which are designed like sports bikes i.e. with handles needing an inclined body posture. For people with knee or back issues, recumbent models with inclined and cushioned back support are advisable. These are also an ideal pick for those who intend to pedal away for longer durations. You can get cycles from brands such as Aerofit to get one that suits your needs exercise cycle for home.

Which fitness cycle to buy?

Your requirements define your selection criteria when it comes to buying exercise cycle online. Spin bikes are designed especially for those who want to train for vigorous workouts. For those looking for a low-intensity workout to build stamina and exercise their entire body, Amazon spoils you for choice with a wide range of cycles for cost-effective prices. You can also pair your bike by purchasing an abdominal exerciser to aid you in the process of losing more weight.

Products are listed out with the complete details of warranty as well as repairs. The exercise cycle for home comes with usage guidance and makes it simple to use by anyone. Installation guidance and service is organized for the orders that need it. Big players such as Aerofit, Afton and Cosco offer their latest equipment, that too on unbelievable discounts.

Magnetic resistance bikes are designed with a more robust mechanism that provides smoother and non-jerky movement of the wheels to the user. Options to vary the time, speed and resistance keep your regime interesting and help your body get a variety of workouts. Pre-designed programs on these bikes also help you set targets and rejoice achieving them without the instructions of a personal trainer.

Elliptical fitness cycle available on Amazon provides a complete workout program. With movable handles and pedals with various degrees of resistance, these are designed to exercise not just your lower body but shape up your arms too. So, say goodbye to those bat wings and get more shapely arms.

Home exercise hygiene and equipment you’ll need

Most of the gyms who claim best amenities and fitness equipment end up losing out on the hygiene when an enormous number of people join as members. Improper air conditioning, poor sanitization of the equipment such as handles and seat of the exercise bike and lack of regular maintenance causes more health hazards than you may imagine.

Lack of right equipment, busy atmosphere or simply the hesitation to work out in public, deter many from joining a good gym. Traditionally a gym was frequented by only men and eventually, ladies have joined the movement too. However, there is still a large sector of women who hesitate to visit a unisex gymnasium, therefore exercise cycle for home is necessary. Brands like KS Healthcare cater specifically to this segment and have numerous volumes of numbers you can choose from

Having your own exercise cycle for home in the comfort of your room addresses all these issues. The beauty of these machines is that they not only help you build stamina with regular use, they also focus on the large muscle groups and give them the much-needed flexibility. So, my suggestion is you must have a exercise cycle for home.

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