Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India

There are no magical Weight Gainer Capsules available which boost your lean muscles without any healthy activities. Although, Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India involves maintaining your metabolic rate positively.

But you definitely consider that Weight Gainer tablets or weight gain capsules ayurvedic are also the cause of many side effects.

Best weight gainer capsules in India

So be honest with your health and weight gainer capsules. Never submit your overall health only with weight gainer tablets. These pills contain healthy herbs to boost your weight, muscle mass, and bone strength.  But only when you burn more than your nutrient consumption.

So below we give the top 5 Best weight gainer capsules in India list. Which are healthy, ayurvedic, and have less chance of side effects.

Top 5 Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India


  1. Winlip Health tone Herbal Weight Gain Capsules (Made In Thailand)

Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India

Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India 1

For now, We consider Health Tone pills are the Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India. Because it contains natural ingredients, has the highest review and comes with a decent price tag.

An unflavored, vegetarian and grapevine combined capsules for effective weight gaining result. It comes in a 100g weight bottle that is filled with a total of 90 capsules. And easily consumed by both men and women.

Key features:

  • Natural grapevine fruit combined.
  • Total 90 capsules.
  • Available authentication QR code.
  • Unflavored and vegetarian product.
  • Made in Thailand following ayurvedic formula

Key ingredients in these capsules are Vitis vinifera or grapevine fruit, Ashwagandha and other natural components. Which works to increase your appetite level, energy, bone strength, and muscles gaining process naturally. As a result, you improve muscle mass with an attractive body shape in a short period of time.

According to some reviewers, they gain approx. 6-8 kg weight within a month. But keep in mind, regular min. 10 minutes of exercise and healthy foods are compulsory while you are taking these pills. Take 3 capsules daily before your meals, after a month reduces 1-2 capsules per day.

Pros & Cons

  • Body fast grow herbal weight gain capsules

  • Has fewer side effects if you follow a healthy schedule

  • Boost your hunger to gain muscles
  • Has many satisfying customers
  • Approx. 6-8 kg weight gain per month
  • Not returnable


  1. 6.6lb Muscles Gainer From MuscleBlaze

Best Weight Gainer Capsules In IndiaBest Weight Gainer Capsules In India 2


Now comes one of the best muscles gainer powder with chocolate flavoured from MuscleBlaze. A vegetarian muscle gaining product for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an amazing physique.

Key features:

  • Main ingredient whey protein Concentrate and Isolate
  • A vegetarian product
  • 27 essential vitamins and minerals
  • 05g slow digest and fast releasing protein
  • Per serving provide 462 KCAL
  • Zero trans fat and sugar

If you are looking for an effective, efficient and fast weight gaining product then here it is. MuscleBlaze muscles gainer powder contains 1:5 ratio protein and carb, which work to fuel your muscles and boost your muscles synthesis for faster recovery.

A high-calorie supplement with 27 essential nutrients and zero artificial content. Which not only increases your muscle mass but also involves improving your overall health. It comes with a 3kg container which easily lasts for 60-90 days.

Pros & Cons

  • Whey protein compound with other premium quality ingredients

  • Variety of flavours available

  • Digest slow to provide proper nutrients
  • An authentic trusted and genuine product
  • High-calorie supplement for workout freaks
  • Costly


  1. Endura Mass Weight Gainer

Best Weight Gainer Capsules In IndiaBest Weight Gainer Capsules In India 3


One of the most popular and trusted weights gaining powder in India from Endura. It comes in a 400g packet and chocolate flavored for better taste.

Key features:

  • A vegetarian Product
  • Gluten-free
  • Important ingredient soy proteins
  • Suitable for both men and women

This powder contains essential vitamins, minerals, Maltodextrin and milky components. But the important content is soy protein which is an excellent source of antioxidants.

It is scientifically proven that adding soy protein to your diet works to increase weight, immune system, reduce heart problems, lower blood pressure etc.

Just 10-30 g of powder provides 3480 calories for a day. It means a high-calorie weight gainer with many health benefits. Take 2-3 tablespoon Endura mass with milk or water.

TIP: Just avoid before bedtime.

Pros & Cons

  • Feel the changes between 3 – 4 weeks

  • Build a strong physique but exercise is also mandatory

  • Healthy and feel tasty

  • Best weight gainer capsules in India

  • Easily intake regularly
  • Nothing


  1. Protinex Health and Nutritional Drink for Adults

Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India


Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India 4

If you are looking for a flavoured, healthy and effective Best weight gainer capsules in India then here it is. Perfect weight gainer supplement for athletes and workout enthusiasts. Proteinex is one of the Best weight gainer capsules in India.

Key ingredients:

  • Pure vegetarian soy protein powder
  • 3 scoop provide 220 calories
  • 73 g of protein and 440 g carbs
  • Combined with Digestive enzyme

A soya and milk protein powder, less ingredient but an effective supplement for better weight gaining. This powder contains an essential group of amino acids like BCAA which is considered the best component for weight management and muscle growth.

Moreover, this weight gainer’s Digestive enzyme helps to absorb the nutrients easily throughout your body.

No artificial content, zero added sugar and well-blended ingredients make this product a perfect weight gaining supplement for you.

Pros & Cons

  • Double coated chocolate and 3kg jar
  • High calorie but easy to digest
  • Essential group of amino acids
  • Consume with milk or water, 3 scoops per day
  • None


  1. Mass gainer From Onelife

Best Weight Gainer Capsules In IndiaBest Weight Gainer Capsules In India 5


Last but not least comes to a complex carb and protein blend mass gainer from Onelife. A large 3kg container with swiss chocolate flavoured.

Key ingredients:

  • 5:1 carb and protein blend
  • Zero artificial content, sugar
  • 594 calories
  • Essential amino matrix with micronutrients

One of the best muscles gaining supplements which contain essential protein, carb, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Per scoop of powder gives you 594 calories and 37 g of protein.

More than enough nutrients for an adult male or female from a single supplement. This powder filled with 8g of the amino matrix includes BCAA and EAA.

Which work to build your leans muscles more efficiently than others. Moreover, it is sugar-free and doesn’t contain any unwanted substance. So the chances of side effects are very less.

Pros & Cons

  • Filled with necessary nutrients

  • Zero artificial content

  • Digestive enzyme for easy to consume
  • Best supplement for bodybuilders and workout lovers
  • Essentially good product but has fewer reviews

Weight Gainer Capsules Side Effects


Till now you listen to everything good about these Best Weight Gainer Capsules in India. But now comes some truth about these tablets.

Our recommended weight gainer tablets and powder contain Cinnamon, Ashwagandha, Arjuna, soya and other Himalayan ingredients mostly. These are natural herbs and good for your overall health improvement.

But there are other types of Best weight gainer capsules in India. These capsules are mostly used for bulking and cutting among bodybuilders and workout enthusiasts. So following tablets are below.

  • Testosterone capsules – These pills are favourite among bodybuilders for better muscle growth and bone strengthening. But these pills have side effects like heart problems, insomnia etc.
  • Oxandrolone – One kind of medicine or anabolic steroid, mostly used after surgery for weight loss. And for increasing weight who are unable to maintain a healthy weight for their physical reasons. But it also has side effects like kidney problems, liver damage, etc.
  • Durabolin – It is also an anabolic steroid, mostly used by bodybuilders and athletes. It works to influence testosterone hormone for muscle building and bone strengthening. But again comes with side effects in several cases.

Note: – A few years back, One of my skinny friends bought weight gainer pills because of his unwanted weight. But he was very lazy and crazy about junk foods. He thought Weight Gainer Capsules are enough for increasing his weight. But it didn’t work as he thought. Within a few weeks, he suffers from diarrhoea and hair loss.

Moral of the storyNo brand will ensure that they provide the Best weight gainer capsules without side effects. It all depends on your medical condition, activities and body permits.

Balanced Diet For Gaining Weight


Health gurus suggest that regular exercise, consuming healthy foods and protein supplement per day. Nothing is better than this if you want to achieve your fitness goal faster.

Keep in mind, only food or only Weight Gainer Capsules are not enough for effective Weight Gaining results.

You need to follow some healthy exercises also, at least 10-15min per day. Like running, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. So below we give some healthy foods list which you can add in your regular diet plan for increasing weight.


Fruit and vegetable shakes: –

Start your day with homemade vegetable and fruit shakes. Fruits like bananas, nuts, dates, berries and vegetables like corn, potatoes, beans etc.

All these fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of protein, vitamins, minerals and water content. It helps to boost your energy level, provide enough calories to start your day and also keeps you fresh.



A versatile food and a high source of protein. Nobody denies its nutritional properties and health benefits. Just scramble, fry or boiled eggs to start your breakfast with a high-calorie meal.


Milk, cheese and yoghurt –

These are high calories foods, which work to boost your lean muscles instead of fat. You can find many delicious recipes with yoghurt to consume and milk before bedtime is a great idea to fall asleep faster.

Because milk helps to release tryptophan and melatonin, which are mood, behavior and sleep cycle controlling hormones. So sleep well, feel good and manage your weight effectively.


Meat and fish:-

Not every but yes red meats and oily fishes are great sources of muscles building antioxidants. Poultry, chicken, turkey, beef and salmon, sardines, trout etc. are some excellent foods to eat for high calories, omega-3 and protein.

Just 170g of fatty fishes provide approx 250 calories, 12g of healthy fats and 37 g of protein. On the other hand, 170g of red meat provides 456 calories and 49g of protein.

So these are the foods which you can add to your regular meal. And also add some protein supplement or Weight Gainer Capsules for better weight management.

But don’t forget to do some daily exercise. Because only eating can cause health damage and unwanted fat. You need to burn more calories than you consume.

Buying Guide Of the Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India


Consult With Experts –

No doubt these Weight Gainer Capsules help to manage your weight, muscles and bone strength efficiently. But as we know these supplements also come with side effects.

You don’t know which supplement works for you and gives benefits in future also. So it’s better to consult with bodybuilders, doctors or any other health experts, who examines your body, knows your physical strength and gives permission to go for Weight Gainer Capsules.

Although, this rule is only applicable for complete beginners and for those who have physical difficulties.


Less is better than more-

Choose a weight gainer supplement that obtains fewer but essential ingredients. No artificial sweetener, gluten and unwanted substance. So before making any purchase always note the ingredients from the product label.


Regular Exercise and healthy foods-

We mentioned many times that regular exercise is necessary if you go for Weight Gainer Capsules. These pills are high in calories and contain many nutrients.

So you need to follow some daily exercise to burn those calories. If you have no time for exercise then keep yourself far from these tablets.

Lastly, you need to follow a healthy diet which we mentioned above. Healthy foods are a natural source of nutrients for better weight management but pills are supporting products.


Authentication and reviews-

Although, all our recommended capsules and powders are genuine and trusted. But still, you need to check their authentication and license. Besides that, also check these product reviews to know more about the effectiveness of your supplement.

FAQS Of The Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India

What exercise can I do at home to increase weight?

There is no doubt that dumbbell exercises are the best workouts for improving body shape and faster weight gain. But still, you can also perform weight gaining exercises without weights. Like the squat, push up and chin up. These three exercises regularly are more than enough for efficient weight and muscle gain.

Diet Plan for increasing weight?

We already discussed diet plans for increasing weight. So keep in mind, healthy foods like red meat, oily fish, bananas, vegetables etc are excellent food to add to your daily meal. Natural source of nutrients for effective muscle building and weight gain.

Which fruits increase weight?

Dates, bananas, nuts, prunes, figs etc are some awesome Indian fruits for increasing weight. Just add one of these foods daily to your meal. You definitely see the result within a short period of time.

How Can I Gain Weight Quickly?

Regular exercise at least 10-15 min, healthy foods like green vegetables, potatoes etc consuming and proper good night sleep. Just follow these rules to feel effective weight quickly. And also add any protein or weight gainer supplement to boost your weight loss result.


So this is all about the Best Weight Gainer Capsules In India. So our no 1  pick is Herbal Weight gainer capsules from Health Tone.

Because it has the highest number of reviews and a decent price tag. Then comes Muscles Gainer From MuscleBlaze. And the third one is Endura Mass gainer for Adults.

These all are the Best Weight Gainer supplements in the Indian market. Lastly, don’t forget to consult with a doctor, if you have any serious medical condition.


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