Top 6 Best Resistance Bands In India

Updated – 2nd May, 2021

Want to add strength training to your daily workout routine? looking for an alternative option to using weights?. Then you are in the right place where we discuss the top 6 Best Resistance Bands In India which you can buy online.   

In this lockdown, many people avoid going to the gym. But workout lovers don’t stop to train their body muscles at home. In this case, Resistance bands are an excellent option for muscle strength training.

Well, you obviously do warm up with these resistance bands before starting the proper workout. Although, you can also do warm-up by exercise cycle in gym installed.

Best Resistance bands In India are lightweight and strong which are made with elastics or latex material. These bands are also known as workout bands. When you do pulling Exercise with these bands, it contracts muscle fibers that help to increase muscle growth and bone strength.    

But what are the best and which resistance band to buy in India?. If you worried to know about it then dropdown below. Because we already discuss the 6 best price resistance bands in India that are available in different colors, weights, sets, and strength power. 

Best Resistance Bands on Amazon

FEGSY Resistance Bands Set for Exercise, Stretching, and Workout Toning Tube Kit with Foam Handles,...
FITSY® Resistance Band Toning Tube + Door Anchor + Carry Pouch + Workout Chart - Orange
Best Seller
Strauss Latex Band, (Set of 5)
Our Recommendation
AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull up Band for Chin Ups, Pull Ups and Stretching (Resistance 29.5 Kg...
FEGSY Resistance Bands Set for Exercise, Stretching, and Workout Toning Tube Kit with Foam Handles,...
FITSY® Resistance Band Toning Tube + Door Anchor + Carry Pouch + Workout Chart - Orange
Strauss Latex Band, (Set of 5)
AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull up Band for Chin Ups, Pull Ups and Stretching (Resistance 29.5 Kg...
FEGSY Resistance Bands Set for Exercise, Stretching, and Workout Toning Tube Kit with Foam Handles,...
FEGSY Resistance Bands Set for Exercise, Stretching, and Workout Toning Tube Kit with Foam Handles,...
FITSY® Resistance Band Toning Tube + Door Anchor + Carry Pouch + Workout Chart - Orange
FITSY® Resistance Band Toning Tube + Door Anchor + Carry Pouch + Workout Chart - Orange
Best Seller
Strauss Latex Band, (Set of 5)
Strauss Latex Band, (Set of 5)
Our Recommendation
AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull up Band for Chin Ups, Pull Ups and Stretching (Resistance 29.5 Kg...
AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull up Band for Chin Ups, Pull Ups and Stretching (Resistance 29.5 Kg...

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6 Best Resistance Bands In India (2021) Review

18PCS Fitsy Resistance Bands Set For Full Body Exercise

18pcs Fitsy resistance bands set are the perfect choice for improving upper and lower body exercises. 

Fitsy resistance bands


5 Toning Tube with 2 Handles, 5 Resistance Loop Bands, 1 Carry Bag, 2 Ankle Straps, 1 Door Anchor and 2 Workout charts, a complete all in one package of resistance bands. 

Key features:

  1. Yellow ( Extra light )
  2. Blue ( Light )
  3. Green ( medium )
  4. Black ( Hard )
  5. Red ( Extra-Hard )

These bands are Stackable mean handles are removable from bands that allow different body muscles exercises.  Most importantly Fitsy is the only brand in India that provides 18pcs fitness bands in one package. 

Add these different band exercises in your daily workout routine to boost your muscle growth. It all means besides your gym, yoga, and bodybuilding start some resistance workout to increase the size of your biceps, triceps, and legs. 

Although, you can’t compare these resistance bands with gym dumbbells or weights. Why? You get your answer below, our pros and cons section. So yes, we also consider this to be the best resistance bands in India 2021. 


  • Durable and strong
  • Highest Pisces of bands
  • Best for a full-body workout
  • Enough Resistance Feel


  • Inconsistent resistance color

SLOVIC Pull Up Assists Resistance Bands- Best For Seniors

Best resistance bands in India


Slovic tube resistance bands, more likely one of the best pull up assist bands in India. These latex fitness bands are strong, durable, and lift force up to 105Lbs (50kgs). This is great for the overweight or heavy men and women who are trying to pull up with bands instead of using a pull-up bar

Slovic resistance bands come with 42-inch door anchors instead of handles. So it’s not for multipurpose use but you can use it for pull-ups, back exercise, and shoulder mobility.   

One reviewer said that the strap of this band can easily be used in various forms to give concentrate force on your different body parts. And some of them said it is a good choice for hand pull-ups or hanging to reduce back pain.  

Solvic Brand offers various light, medium, and heavy band sets, so choose one or set as per your requirement. 


  • Comes with a resistance workout booklet
  • Best resistance bands for men and women ( overweight )
  • Best for forearm exercises
  • Thick, Strong, and durable


  • Not for complete beginners

Kobo 5 in 1 Resistance Toning Tube Band Set– Best Resistance Bands For Beginners

resistance bands india


Looking for a home workout resistance band with door anchors and a decent price tag?. Then definitely this Kobo Resistance Tube Band is a good choice for you

These 5 in 1 multi-color tube resistance bands are very helpful for Physical therapy, shoulder mobility, and full-body toning. 

Key features:

  • 48 inches tube
  • 66 inches total length
  • yellow tube provide 5 kg force
  • green provide 14 kg force
  • Red provides 23 kg force
  • Black provides 19 kg force
  • Blue provides 10 kg force

Some of the amazon reviewers find it useful at their home gym during this lockdown. Each tube band has both side foam handles and 2 adjustable foot ankle straps to make it user friendly.

Although, we don’t recommend doing heavy physical activities like powerful weight lifting with these bands because of their quality and tension providing ability. But if you want then definitely do some light and medium exercises like biceps, triceps, and leg curls.  


  • Best Home Gym Exercise Tool
  • Best for Beginners
  • One of the cheapest workout band
  • Last long If you care it


  • Not the Best quality compare to others

Theraband Latex Free Recovery Kits- Best Resistance Band For Yoga

best resistance tube


Do you feel allergies to latex or rubber? and want a loop resistance band for yoga? Then this is definitely for you. 

Muscles recovery resistance band from Theraband. 3 sets of round shape bands, 5 inches wide each. These are the best small bands for stretching and lower muscle tones like the hip, glutes, and legs. 

Key features

  • Yellow provides 3.0 lbs
  • Red provides 3.6 lbs
  • Green provides 4.6 lbs

Try to add stretching exercises with these bands in your yoga workout routine. Each band gives fewer tensions in your muscles ( 1.3 to 2 kg ) which is best for beginners also. 

Start with yellow to do some leg curls and squats to improve joint motion and muscles Rehabilitate. It will help to build your lower body muscles without using a exercise bike

One of the Amazon reviewers said this band helped him to improve shoulder joint rotation after post-surgery. 

In my opinion, these are the best low resistance bands for yoga lovers and beginners. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to handle
  • Best for lower muscles
  • Best low resistance bands


  • Not very superior quality

Best Quality Gym Resistance Band Set From Black Mountain

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case


Now comes a well-known brand called Black Mountain. Who provides the best gym resistance band in India.  

5 set of resistance bands with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case.

Each tube band is 6 inches in length and specially designed to target biceps, triceps, chest, upper/lower back, abs, and legs.

Key features:

  • Yellow provides tension up to 1.8 kg
  • blue provide tension up to 2.7 kg
  • green provide tension up to 5.5 kg
  • black provide tension up to 10kg
  • Red provides tension up to 13 kg

Black mountain bands are made with a blend of synthetic and natural rubber to make them strong and durable. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on their exercise equipment.

These tube bands offer superior and premium quality workout sessions for every beginner to professional. So just start your stretching exercises to boost your muscles and bones.  


  • Premium gym-quality resistance bands
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • User friendly
  • Best for full-body workouts


  • High in price

11 Piece Resistance Band Set From Boldfit 

Best resistance bands in India


Last but not least comes to 11 Pisces resistance band in India from Boldfit. The company offers 5 different color tube resistance bands set with Handles, Portable Toning Tubes with Door Anchor. Bag and Ankle Straps.

It means you can do different body muscles workout with the help of this equipment. 

Stackable: This means adjustable anchors and ankle straps that take up to 150 lbs of weight force. It will help to provide extreme muscle tension to boost your body strength and muscle toning.

Key features

  • Purple( 50 lbs)
  • Blue ( 40 lbs)
  • Black (30 lbs)
  • Red ( 20 lbs)
  • Yellow (10 lbs)

All these features are very helpful for beginners and bodybuilders and also save your time and money. So start 10-15 minutes of stretching after your body workout. Just set the carabiner with the latex tube buckles and start leg curls or just do pull-ups for the back. Use these bands for multiple ways to increase the effectiveness of your muscles. 



  • Strong Elasticity
  • Soft and adjustable
  • Large and strong
  • Provide the highest intensity


  • Quality might not excellent


Do Resistance Bands Actually Work?

Resistance bands are specially designed for multiple exercises.

Did you know, these elastic bands exercises are extremely helpful to reduce orthostatic fall in blood pressure. Orthostatic hypotension (OH) is a disease that is mostly found in elder patients. It causes aging, dehydration, and too quick stand up. 

Moreover, research already proves that band exercise is very helpful for increasing muscle growth, working ability, strengthening bones, and losing body fat. 

But if you are still confused about whether resistance bands really work. Then the pros and cons will definitely solve your question. 


Benefits For Glutes

Want to gain your booty muscles? Then resistance bands are a great workout tool for it. Try to use especially design resistance bands for glutes. And follow a squat exercise with these bands to grow your glutes, shoulders, and hip muscles. Although, it takes time, so be patients. 

Benefits For Legs

The same case here, just follow the squat exercise by wrapping this band around your thigh. It will help to stretch your muscles and generate power to the right place for better shape. It is very effective and hard training, so you may feel difficult to walk tomorrow morning.   

Benefits For Weight Loss

These days, resistance bands are very popular among those who want to lose weight. Reports already show that resistance workouts not only build muscles and strength, it also helps to reduce body fat. 

Benefits For Weight Gain

As we mentioned many times, resistance exercises provide stretch and tension to your muscles that increase their size. So yes it is a great alternative tool for those who don’t want to fill their home with gym workout equipment. 

Benefits For Joints

Besides the muscle gain, resistance bands also improve the stability of your joints and strengthen your bones. So it is safe and doesn’t give any injuries while you exercise with these bands.  

Benefits For Strength Training

You can easily do down pull and biceps curl with these bands instead of a cable row machine. Proper workout bands exercises improve your posture, give flexibility, tones, and strength your muscles 

Benefits For Mobility Training

Loop resistance bands are great for doing Mobility Training. Standing hip CAR’s, active hangs with rotation, clamshell opening, etc are some best training for hip and shoulder mobility. These exercises help to improve daily pain, aches, joint motions, and body awareness.   

Benefits For Full Body Training

Workout band is a multi-purpose training item. So you can improve different body muscles like abs, chest, back, legs, and calves with the help of these bands. Although, It’s not mean that you don’t need to go to the gym. But yes it’s a great alternative tool for training your full body.  

So yes, you can actually build muscle with resistance bands.

Some other benefits of resistance bands like:

  • These bands are flat, lightweight, and portable which easily carries for outside.
  • Workout lovers can easily use these bands for training anywhere and anytime.
  • It is one of the lowest workout items.


  • The result is slow, signs of improvement are better understood with gym dumbbells than bands. 

Buying Guide Of Best Resistance Bands India


Fabric resistance bands are more comfortable for your skin compared to latex or rubber. Moreover, rubber tends to roll, unstable, and causes redness on your muscles. Although, many latex resistance bands come with an upper fabric layer to avoid this type of problem. So must check these features before purchasing one.  

Difficulty Level

High tension resistance bands are hard to stretch and band. So it’s good for professionals or those who have enough strength in their muscles. Medium and light tension levels are best for intermediate and beginners.  

What Should You Buy

Try to buy at least three types of resistance tension level bands like light, medium, and heavy. Because you don’t know what will shoot on you. So it’s better to buy these bands with different combinations. Moreover, different muscles need different levels of resistance. 

Best Type of Resistance Bands

According to the research loop, bands are more durable, versatile, and flexible. Loop bands are very helpful for women who suffer from glute weakness, hip mobility, hamstring issues, and back pain. Tube bands are also very helpful for full-body workouts. 

Know you need

Ask yourself some questions like what you actually want? What’s your workout goal?. 

If you want to improve your lower body muscles then go for small loop bands. if you want to do pull-ups then buy pull-up assist bands. And lastly, if you want full-body exercise then check out tube resistance bands. 

Check These Points Before Buy

  • Small flat bands are mainly used to improve lower body parts like the hip, glutes, and legs and also used in physiotherapy. 
  • Long bands are mainly used for upper body muscles like the back, chest, arm, and shoulders. 
  • Loops and tubes with handles are available Resistance bands in India
  • Always remember, more Thicker resistance bands mean more costly, durable, and hard to pull.
  • These bands are not for complete beginners who never try any push-up or pull-ups. Because these tools are hard and strong to stretch and band. But if you believe that you have some strength in your muscles then you can try one. 
  • Flat resistance bands are best for stretching, toning, recovery, yoga, and assisted pull-ups.

FAQ of Best Resistance Band In India

1.Which Brand Resistance Band Is Best?

I love The Black mountain, Fitsy, Kobo, and Solvic brand resistance brands. Although Fitsy and Joyfit are top brands in India compared to others. We also know that many other popular brands are available in the market like Decathlon, Cosco, Adidas, Nike, Woodfitters, Botthms, and much more. But if you want quality then our listed top bands in India are enough to go for.

2.Which Resistance Band Is Hardest?

A black resistance band is the hardest band compared to others. Because it requires heavyweights ( over 13 kilograms ) to pull, so it’s best for experienced persons. 

So we don’t recommend beginners to start with the strongest or hardest bands. If you are a complete beginner then go for blue light strength or Yellow Medium strength resistance bands. These are easy to handle and good for a kick start. After you gain some strength in your muscles then shit for the hardest one.

3.Which Is The Best Resistance Band Or Tube?

Both loop and tube resistance bands help muscles for stretching, growing, and strengthening. If specifically said then loops are more helpful for Flexibility, mobility, full-body workout, pulling and pressing movements, etc. On the other hand, tube bands are more helpful for total body toning, burning fats, Warm-ups, Muscular endurance and rotation exercises, etc. Try to buy the sets of Resistance Bands to take the best workout result.

4. How Long Do Resistance Bands Last

Although experts suggest replacing resistance bands tube and loop in between 3 to 6 months for gym trainers and 8 to 10 months for personal users. But honestly, it depends on your use and physical activities. A friend of mine using a Slovic black resistance band for more than two years now. So if you keep these items safe from heat and scratch then they definitely last long.


So these are some best resistance bands in India which you can buy from amazon online. Always remember thicker goes harder when a resistance band comes. And yes these tools help to build muscles, slow but steady. Moreover, these bands are a good alternative option instead of weights to improve muscle growth and bone strength. So when you decide to purchase one of them always check their features, material, and capacity first.     

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