6 Yoga Poses to stay fit and healthy

In this article i will tell you 6 majestic yoga poses that will help you to stay fit. The latest trend in today’s world is Yoga. Some times back, only devotees and saints practice yoga poses and they taught these poses to their younger ones and their students (Shishya). But if we compare the trend of exercise from the past world to today’s busy world, there is a lot of change. The younger generation loves to do exercise with the machines. They go to gym and do their exercise there. There is nothing wrong in doing exercise with the gym machines. The machinery exercise can only make your body stuff but yoga makes your mind cool and tension free. If one does yoga regularly then there is a 100% chance that he should not land up with diseases in his life.

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Therefore, Yoga asanas not only keeps you physically fit but also keeps you mentally strong by keeping away from stress and anxiety.

Some benefits of Yoga poses for health and fitness

  • Healthy digestive system :  It is true that yoga keeps one’s digestive system healthy. All the exercise for the abs not only burns the tummy fat but also gives a gentle massage to your stomach fastening metabolic rate that boost proper digestion.
  • Increases internal strength :  It is a fact that any form of exercise keeps the body fit and helps one to stay energetic. Well, if you are developing interest in yoga that’s why you are reading my article. Therefore, yoga is also one of them. If you really do the yoga told by me below daily, i guarantee you it will increase your stamina as well as your strength.
  • Good for heart : Well, if you are a heart patient, then you certainly not avoid doing yoga. If you are keen and worry about your heart, then you should try these yoga poses so that your heart could stay fit.
  • Healthy nervous system : Not only yoga practicing keeps your heart healthy but also it allows free flow of blood and fresh oxygen to your brain. Focused breathing also controls your mind functions thus keeping you away from stress and anxieties.

Now that you have an idea about yoga, let’s now discuss 6 unique yoga poses that will help you to stay fit and build up your internal strength.

6 Yoga Poses to stay fit and Healthy

1. Paschimottanasana pose (Bent knee trunk flexion):

lady doing yoga in paschimottanasana

How to perform ?
  • Sit down on a Yoga Mat with legs straight.
  • Don’t bend your knees and keep your palm behind your hips.
  • Deeply inhale oxygen and straighten your spine.
  • While exhaling oxygen, bend forward to touch your toes with your fingers (Don’t bend your knees)
  • If you can’t touch your forehead with the knees, don’t force but do as much as you can.
  • Repeat another for 5 times with the same breathing process.
  • Solves digestion problems.
  • Solves back pain

2. Baddha Konasana (Pronounced As BAH-dah cone-AHS-anna)

lady doing yoga in butterfly pose


How to perform ?
  • Sit down on a Yoga Mat with straight spine.
  • Bend your knees down as shown in the inner picture and your heels touching your inner thigh.
  • Now hold the ankles of both your legs.
  • As you inhale deeply, straighten your spine and draw your shoulder blades backwards.
  • Exhale and press the soles together and move your both legs like butterfly wings.
  • Increases strength in thighs.
  • Lowers down belly fat.

3. Kapalbhati Pranayam

Man doing yoga in kapalbhati pose


How to perform ?
  • Sit down on a Yoga Mat in padmasana (as shown in the picture).
  • Put your back straight.
  • Throw out your internal bad breath out with a force and inhale fresh air normally as you do.
  • During this activity when exhaling breath pull your stomach inside .
  • Perform this activity as long as you can do. (Recommended for 5 minute at least)
  • Fresh oxygen supply goes directly to your lungs and it increases the blood supply in whole of your body.
  • Keeps the brain and heart healthy.
  • People who are heart patient and who are having any kind of tumor should avoid doing this.

4. Sarvangasana
Man doing yoga in sarvangasana
How to perform ?
  • Lay down on your Yoga Mat joining your foot and toes.
  • Put both hands down towards the earth besides your body.
  • By joining your both legs as in the image pull up your both legs 90 degrees up  and give support by both of your hands on your back.
  • Make sure your chin is attached with your chest.
  • Take normal breaths.
  • Balance your body up to 1 minute.
  • Take your body down slowly as in rest position same reversing the steps when going up.
  • Do this exercise for 1 time.
  • Keeps your brain healthy.
  • Cleans your food and breathing tube.
  • Increases your arms strength.
  • Removes spinal pain.
  • People having high blood pressure, are heart patient and having severe back pain.

5. Bhujangasana


lady doing yoga in bhujangasana

How to perform ?
  • Lay down on your Yoga Mat joining your foot and toes and your chest towards earth.
  • Hands down towards the earth with your palms parallel to your shoulders.
  • Keep your forehead attached with ground.
  • Pressing the ground with your palms, pull up your neck up while inhaling the breath.
  • Release the contact of your hands with the ground slowly.
  • Keep yourself in this position at least for 1 minute.
  • Reverse these steps and come down while exhaling the breath.
  • Removes back pain.
  • Keeps your brain healthy.
  • Makes your spinal cord flexible.

6. Balasana :


lady doing yoga in balasana

How to perform ?
  • Sit down on your Yoga Mat with knees bent. Your hips should be resting on your heels.
  • Place your hands on your thighs.
  • Now start bending forward such that the upper torso is on your thighs.
  • Bend further down to make your forehead touch the earth.
  • Bring your hands back and let them lie freely on the ground in-front of your with palms facing the ceiling.

Balasana is basically like a relaxation pose after you have done asanas like headstand or shoulderstand. This pose also helps rest your mind in peace freeing them from all anxieties and worries.

  • It helps release tension in the chest, back, and shoulders.
  • This asana is highly recommended, especially if you have a bout of dizziness or fatigue during the day or during your workout.
  • This asana helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It helps to massage and flex the internal organs in the body, keeping them active and supple.
Note : If one follows and do these 6 Yoga poses daily, he would cure a 
majority of his diseases. If you like my article. Please do comment a few 
words regarding how do you like it and what all things could be improved.
And if you want to start doing yoga daily i would recommend to read this 
full book.

6 Yoga Poses to stay fit and healthy 16 Yoga Poses to stay fit and healthy 2

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